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Wood Types

Beautiful tools start with the wood

Over the course of 5 years we have come to love working with all types of materials. And after lots of turning, sanding and testing we have discovered that not all woods are created equal. There are woods that are great for some of our products but, just don't work for others.

Below you will find a list of our most commonly used woods. This is by no means complete but, it will give you an idea of what we can easily get. Supply changes over the course of time because of popularity, farming practices, and even politics. So, woods labeled as exotic will cost more.

If you have something special in mind, please let us know. We are happy to discuss the best woods and customization for your needs.


Keep in mind that we do not make laying tools from laminated woods because the dye can run if it gets wet.





Hard Woods

Laminated Woods

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